How Joining A Roofing Contractor Cartel Can Help You Grow Your Roofing Company

If you’re a Roofing Contractor that’s tried to get your advertising to work and failed… Or you’re able to generate leads but they’re far too expensive… Keep reading.

Max Reznich

CEO, RoofEngine
How Joining A Roofing Contractor Cartel Can Help You Grow Your Roofing Company

I’m about to tell you about a secret society – a Roofing Cartel, if you will – that’s cornered the market and is scooping up all the best leads while the “outsiders” fight for scraps.

They use strength in numbers, shared intelligence, and self-learning machines to do their bidding. And if you care about getting Roofing jobs via digital marketing, there’s only one way to win.

Join them. Because there’s no way you can beat them.

In fact, if you decide not to join them, there’s a good chance you’ll get “disappeared.” Metaphorically speaking. You’ll go out of business because the friends of this cartel, your competitors, will be winning all the jobs.

And by the time you’re done reading this article, you’ll have no choice but to accept. In essence, they’re making you an offer you can’t refuse.

What is this Roofing Cartel, anyway?

First things first, they aren’t a criminal enterprise. Let’s get that out of the way.

They aren’t a roofing association. They aren’t a roofing mastermind. They aren’t a Facebook group for roofers.

They’re a tight-knit group of contractors who found a way to work together. So they can all earn without stepping on each other’s toes. And lock out any contractors that’s not part of “this thing of ours.”

And the way they’re able to do this is not through shady backroom deals or smashing kneecaps with baseball bats. It’s through data.

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But there’s a specific way they leverage data I’m going to tell you all about.

How to be the “Google” or “Facebook” of Roofers

Do you know why Google and Facebook are two of the most valuable companies of all time?

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Two things:

  1. Data aggregation
  2. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Having enough data to fill server farms the size of football fields isn’t enough. They need AI to crunch that data and give them insights they can use.

For example, AI can take a mountain of data and in a split second tell you exactly who’s likely to be interested in your product, who’s likely to buy, and who’s likely to buy several times.

AI can show you where the money is.

And the AI used by Google and Facebook are so powerful that they know you’re going to buy something before you even think about it. I know that might sound scary, but the Roofing Cartel (which you’ll be joining soon) uses this to their advantage so they can profit from it.

Imagine this…

What if you could show your website three times a day to every person in your area who’s thinking about getting their roof replaced? What if, when they’re ready to buy, your business is not just top of mind, you’re the only roofer in their mind.

It’s been done many times. We’ll tell you how in a minute. But what you need to remember is this:

Big data + AI algorithms = Market Domination

But now the roofing cartel has gone even further in their plans for market domination. They’ve bugged the homes of every potential roofing client. And they did it without anyone knowing about it.

In fact, their clients installed the “bugs” themselves.

US voices assistant users by age and brand in May 2021

Between the smartphones in our hands 24/7, Alexa, “Ok Google,” and Siri… Privacy is a thing of the past. We’ve “wire-tapped” ourselves to hell and back.

That’s why Google knows who wants a roof before they even search for “roofing contractors near me.” And Google’s telling the roofing cartel everything it knows.

When the roofers know, they tell Google to show you their website ​​on their smartphone, computer, ipad, and more… almost every time they go online.

Are you starting to put the pieces together? This is how the cartel keeps winning all the jobs in your area. This is why you can’t get your foot in the door. This is why you need to join them.

This is why you need to join us.

Yes, my friend. We’re the Roofing Cartel.

And let me tell you why you’ll never get your marketing to work unless you have us on your side.

How to feed the beast

You see, the only way you can play this game is by pooling your resources with other like-minded roofing contractors who want to do the same thing.

We call this feeding the beast. That is, Google’s AI platform. The beast eats money. In the form of adspend.

In return, the beast will reward you with highly qualified leads that turn into roofing jobs. And more importantly, Google will deliver on a silver platter a never-ending line of people who want a roof.

But there’s a catch. You only get what you put in.

Feed the beast $1,000 a month and you may get a few leads. But it won’t tell you where to find more. The beast has an insatiable appetite and you simply didn’t feed it enough.

But if you feed the beast all the money it wants, it’ll give you all the leads and data you want and more.

  1. You get sales qualified leads right away
  2. You build a list of people like your sales qualified leads so you can get their attention before any of your competitors do

Why joining the Roofing Cartel is your only option

How much can you spend on advertising per day while getting leads at the right price? A few hundred? If you’re really good, a few thousand? There’s a cap on your budget.

And there’s a cap on your skills. You’re not a professional marketer or ad buyer. You’re a roofing contractor.

If you ran your own ads, you might generate 30 leads a month. That means you’re giving Google’s AI 30 data points to optimize for every month.

Now imagine 50 roofers pooling their resources, advertising under the same umbrella in different areas, and they each generate 30 leads a month.

50 roofers generating 30 leads a month, that’s 1500 leads for the cartel to feed back to Google’s AI. And the AI will learn 50 times faster than it can with one roofer running ads on his own.

That means more leads. And better quality leads. More jobs. And more lucrative jobs. But it doesn’t stop there.

Joining forces with the roofing cartel (instead of floundering on your own) means your marketing is a self-optimizing machine that continuously reduces waste and increases profit. For example:

  • In the first month, you may get $3 for every dollar spent.
  • In the second month, you get $5.
  • Third month, $9.

After a year, your ROI will be higher than you ever dreamed possible.

“This sounds fairly straightforward. Why do I need you? Why can’t I do this on my own?”

You can certainly try. But you’ll be spending a lot more than we do. And you’ll be optimizing 50 times slower than we are.

And the Roofing Cartel has been running ads profitably for over 6 years. We have such a big head start that you’ll never catch up.

So you can continue to try to figure things out on your own. There’s a small chance you succeed. But odds are you’ll fail.

Your other option is to join us and we all win together. We even allow new members of the cartel to try us out risk free for 90 days. The choice is yours.

To your growth and success,

Max Reznich
RoofEngine Founder

Max Reznich

CEO, RoofEngine

Max Reznich founded RoofEngine in 2016 after growing two roofing companies with inbound marketing. His mission is to educate, inspire, and enable every roofing contractor to build the business of their dreams using proven frameworks and marketing campaigns that have worked all over the United States since 2016.

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