How To Bid On 3x More Commercial Roofing Jobs By Offering A Free Drone Inspection

The times are changing.‍ Technology has been creeping into every industry, and commercial roofing hasn't been left out.

Max Reznich

CEO, RoofEngine
How To Bid On 3x More Commercial Roofing Jobs By Offering A Free Drone Inspection

The times are changing.

Technology has been creeping into every industry, and commercial roofing hasn't been left out.

When technology creeps in, you can run from it OR you can grab it by the horns and use it to your competitive advantage.

In this article - I want to give you a new competitive advantage.

A new way for your commercial roofing company to stand out.

A new way for your commercial roofing company to deliver more value.

A new way for you to generate a steady stream of commercial roofing leads and bid on more commercial projects.

The beautiful thing about business is that you don’t need to be 10x better than the next guy to do really well.

You just need a slight-edge... to be 10% better than the average and it's enough to get incredibly different results.

How To Zig When Everyone Is Zagging

Let's start with the basics... your "offer".

Nothing in the world can be bought until an offer is made. It's the entry point to your business. Every business transaction starts with an offer being made to the prospect.

For commercial roofing contractors, 99% out of the time the offer goes something like "Call Us For A Free Estimate". It's a pretty simple offer, and it's worked well for a long time. If they accept that offer, then the next offer you get to make is your proposal.

The only problem...

Is that the offer "Call Us For A Free Estimate" is as old as time. The appeal has worn off. It just doesn't get the building owner all that excited or motivated to reach out to you.

It also doesn't help that every  roofer in town has the same exact offer.

If You Want To Be Better Than The Rest, You've Gotta Show Up Better Than The Rest

So what's a commercial roofing contractor looking to stand out supposed to do?

Well... that's exactly what I'll be covering in this article.

I'll show you EXACTLY how you can leverage the power of technology AND novelty to cut through the noise.

I'll also show you how you can capture the building owner's attention, and as a result bid on 3x as many commercial projects as you're used to.

Sound far fetched?

Too good to be true?

Like I'm yanking your chain?

Well - it's pretty simple and it makes sense when you think about it.

In order for you to bid on a commercial roof, you need to get the attention of a building owner or facilities manager first.


It doesn't matter if you do it in person, over the phone, through the mail, or over the internet. Nothing happens in your business until you get an OFFER in front of a DECISION MAKER.

If we agree that's true.

Then a sure-fire way of bidding on more projects would be to make a more attractive, ideally an irresistible, offer to building owners. The "irresistible offer" is the holy grail of business.

An irresistible offer has two parts to it.

Part 1
: It's Incredibly Valuable to the prospect
Part 2: It's Incredibly Low Risk to the prospect

When you make an offer that's loaded with value and has a low risk, then it becomes very difficult for a qualified prospect to not take you up on it.

90% of your business problems can be solved with an irresistible offer - it is the key that opens all doors.

The Solution: Offer What No One Else Is Offering

Before we continue... this article will make a whole lot more sense if you watch the 2 minute 34 second video right below from ABJ Drones.

(This video does a great job of explaining how you can use a drone in commercial roofing)

Did you watch the video?

I hope you did. This is the cutting edge of technology and it's right at your fingertips.

A drone with a high definition camera gives you some awesome advantages.

1. You can detect roof leaks with the infrared camera
2. You can inspect the roof without climbing on it
3. You can record the inspection on video and send it to the building owner

However, you will still need to climb on the roof. A drone can't do core samples - yet.

How To Get Your Foot In The Door With A Free Drone Inspection

I'm excited about drones in commercial roofing for many reasons.

But the #1 thing that gets me excited is how NEW an aerial drone inspection is. Drones haven't been around for long. Anytime there's a new technology that you can use to your advantage, you should really consider using it.

Remember how nothing happens in your business until an offer is made?

What if you could super-charge your offer to generate more commercial roofing leads than ever before?

That is exactly what a free drone inspection allows you to do. Put yourself in the shoes of a building owner or facilities manager who has an issue with their building's roof. He goes on Google to find a trustworthy commercial roofing contractor.

The first 3 websites of commercial roofing contractors  all look nice, professional, and clean. But they all have the traditional "Call Us For A Free Estimate" offer.

Then... he finds another commercial roofing contractor website that looks just as good as the first three. Except this offer is different.

"Request A Free  Drone Inspection And Get A Video Analysis Of Your Building's Roof"

Now we're talking.

You've got the building owner's attention with that offer. Why?

Three reasons mainly...

Reason #1: You're bringing something NEW to the table. We all like new things. That's why there are 18 versions of the iPhone. When you're offering something new and unique you can get a higher response rate than if you were to offer something they've of heard before.

Reason #2: You're bringing more VALUE to the table. A building owner would be thrilled to have a video for his records that you filmed with the drone during the inspection. Whether you want to throw in the thermal imaging for free or up-charge for it, it's your call.

Reason #3: It's Low Risk because it's Free! Free is everyone's favorite word. It makes the prospect think "I've got nothing to loose".

The Free Drone Inspection offer is a lot more attractive than "Call Us For A Free Estimate" - right?

It's new and different enough to get the attention of a building owner. So now that you've got a shiny new irresistible offer - what do you do with it?

Disclaimer:  I should tell you that you will need to a FAA Remote Pilot Certificate to fly a drone for commercial reasons.

The good news is that it only costs $150 take the test, $5 to register the drone, and the whole process can be completed online.

Well worth it for the competitive advantage it gives you.

DO NOT buy a drone and fly it over commercial property without a FAA Remote Pilot Certificate.

Make Doing Business With You A No-Brainer To Commercial Property Owners

The fact of the matter is, it doesn't matter how irresistible your offer is if you can't get it out in front of the right building owners. Now that you're equipped with an irresistible offer, let's put it to work.

Here's how you do that in 2 steps:

Step 1: Feature The Free Drone Inspection Offer On Your Website

With an offer this valuable, you don't want to hide it in the corner.

I suggest making it the 1st thing a visitor sees on your website.

Put it in the header, and be sure to mention it clearly on every page of your website.

Step 2: Use Google Ads To Promote The Free Drone Inspection Offer

One of the best and quickest ways to get more building owners to your website is to use Google Ads and bid on keywords that building owners would be searching for.

Keywords like:
"Commercial roofing contractors near me"
"free commercial roofing estimate"
"TPO roofing contractors"
"EPDM roof repair"
"flat roof replacement"
"EPDM roof repair"

With a valuable and risk-free offer - you've got a good chance of turning clicks into commercial roofing leads.

For a detailed breakdown of how to generate commercial roofing leads using Google Ads - read the article "How To Get 15 Commercial Roofing Leads In The Next 30 Days.

Don't Just Stop At One Competitive Advantage...

Do you want to dominate your commercial roofing market?

If you really want to dominate and become the Apex Predator in your market - then stack one competitive advantage on top of the other.

There is no competitive advantage like an abundance of highly qualified inbound leads.

What if you could work with a Pay-For-Performance Roofing Marketing Agency, that guarantees exclusive leads that turn into REAL jobs?

To your growth and success,
Max Reznich
RoofEngine Founder

Max Reznich

CEO, RoofEngine

Max Reznich founded RoofEngine in 2016 after growing two roofing companies with inbound marketing. His mission is to educate, inspire, and enable every roofing contractor to build the business of their dreams using proven frameworks and marketing campaigns that have worked all over the United States since 2016.

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