8 Ways To Get More Commercial Roofing Leads With ChatGPT in 2024

What if you could get a full-time in-house marketing assistant to help you grow your commercial roofing company… for $0 per month?

Max Reznich

CEO, RoofEngine
8 Ways To Get More Commercial Roofing Leads With ChatGPT in 2024

What if you could get a full-time in-house marketing assistant to help you grow your commercial roofing company…

…for $0 per month?

This new hire would help you research competitors, brainstorm new marketing strategies, write ads, write blog posts, plan your SEO strategy, optimize your website for better rankings, and even write your emails for you.

Well, I´d like to introduce you to your best marketing hire of all time, ChatGPT.

Oh, and welcome to the future!

Available to use for free for everyone, it's a pretty impressive little marketing assistant in a box (or browser tab).

ChatGPT is a smart computer program that you can talk to, like a robot.

You ask it questions and it gives you answers. It's like talking to a really smart friend who knows a lot about everything.

You don't have to type anything into a search box, you just ask ChatGPT your question.

It's made by a company called Open AI, and they say it can do things like admit when it makes a mistake, challenge wrong ideas, and say no to things that aren't appropriate.

It's incredibly powerful and very capable of helping you grow your commercial roofing business.

Here are some ways you can start using it today:

1. Use ChatGPT To Perform Competitor Research & Analysis

Have a competitor that you’ve been spying on for some time, trying to figure out what’s working for them that you´re not doing?

While it won’t be perfect, ChatGPT can help you out with that.

Simply ask for it to run a SWOT analysis of a competitor’s name or website to help you identify the four key areas you need to understand:

  1. Strengths: What is your competitor doing well and what are some things you can learn and apply to your business to improve and grow?
  2. Weaknesses: Where is your competitor not doing well and what are some ways for your business to differentiate and gain an advantage?
  3. Opportunities: What are some new opportunities for your business that can be identified by analyzing trends, customer needs, and your competitors’ offerings & marketing.
  4. Threats: What are some potential risks for your business that can be identified by analyzing market trends, competition, saturation, etc., and what are some ways to mitigate those risks or turn them into opportunities?

Traditionally, running a SWOT analysis of your business competitors has been an intensive, time-consuming process.

With ChatGPT, it can literally become a 15 minute project.

And if you’re not sure what to actually do with all that information, just ask the AI to put together a strategy for you with actionable steps.

It really is that easy!

2. Have ChatGPT Create A List Of Potential Blog Posts, Outline Them, AND Write Rough Drafts

Writer's block is a serious obstacle to creating great content.

Sometimes all it takes is just a little inspiration to get through the hurdle and publish some fresh content.

As the CEO or owner, you shouldn't be spending your time writing content, but someone on your team certainly should if an agency isn't already doing it for you.

Here's what happened when I asked ChatGPT to brainstorm some possible topics for a commercial roofing blog.

I then asked it to turn #2 “The Importance of Regular Commercial Roof Maintenance” into an outline – which it did instantly.

The outline looked good, so I asked it to write the blog post in a professional, educational and tone.

Now, before posting any content created by ChatGPT to your website I highly recommend personalizing it with your own tweaks and edits.

It's also wise to run it through a plagiarism checker like and also through an AI Content Detector like

Ideally, avoid adding any content to your website that doesn't pass the plagiarism checker and AI Content Detector.

You can always ask ChatGPT politely to rewrite any content to sound “more natural" to get it to pass the AI Content Detector.

This extra step will ensure that your website will be less likely to get a “Google Slap” for duplicate or AI-generated content.

All of this work is in vain if you lose your Google rankings, so please tread carefully and think long-term.

3. Have ChatGPT Write An Email Newsletter Prompt For Your New Blog Post

Now that you have some fresh ChatGPT-created content, here's how you can have it write an email to direct some traffic to it.

It's A bit wordy, so I asked ChatGPT to shorten it and make it more straight to the point.

It was still pretty wordy, so I asked it to go even shorter.

Perfect. 👍

So it can write emails, sweet, what else? 

4. Have ChatGPT Write A Facebook Post For Your Company's Facebook Page

ChatGPT can also crank out Facebook posts with ease.

Here I asked it to write a post promoting the new content and add a call to action at the end.

I mean… how cool is that?

How about a Facebook post alerting building owners of a coming storm

Nothing groundbreaking but workable for sure.

5. Have ChatGPT Write A Facebook Ad For Commercial Roofing Services

One of my favorite ways of using ChatGPT is to tell it to assume the role of a direct response copywriter. 

Here I asked it to assume the role and write a Facebook Post for commercial roofing inspections targeted at Florida building owners and property managers.

How do you think it did?

And now, what if we turned this into a video?

6. Have ChatGPT Write A Script For Video Ads

It can write video scripts as well as most copywriters I´ve seen.

Pretty impressive.

7. Have ChatGPT Write Google Ads Headlines

If you run a Google Ads campaign and manage it in-house, have ChatGPT write some possible headlines for you and throw them into your campaign to test.

Of course, they´re not all going to be winners, but it's a great way to generate Headline ideas that you may not have otherwise thought of.

8. Have ChatGPT give you a list of keyword variations to use in your Google Ads campaign

Another great use for ChatGPT is to brainstorm Google Ads keyword variations to identify keywords that may be less competitive and not as expensive.

Here´s a prompt for that. 


Hopefully, you have a few more ideas of how to harness the potential power of ChatGPT than you did before reading this.

In my opinion the greatest benefit of ChatGPT at the moment is in brainstorming ideas and getting unstuck.

Keep in mind, we´re still in the early stages of AI and even though it's moving fast, it is not quite capable of doing ALL of the work for us.

It can certainly get the ball moving but the final outcome is rarely "publish ready.”

It's an amazing tool, not a replacement for great minds.

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As always, thank you for reading! We’re always here to help you and your roofing company grow.

Max Reznich

CEO, RoofEngine

Max Reznich founded RoofEngine in 2016 after growing two roofing companies with inbound marketing. His mission is to educate, inspire, and enable every roofing contractor to build the business of their dreams using proven frameworks and marketing campaigns that have worked all over the United States since 2016.

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