Proposal Intelligence: Know Exactly What Happens To Your Proposals

I’m sure you’re familiar with the feeling of putting in the work to inspect the roof, write the proposal, submit it, and only to have to wait and chase the building owner for weeks and months on end.

Luckily, those days are long gone.

With a little help from technology - you can stay in the know.

You can know exactly when your proposal gets looked at.

You can know exactly who looks at your proposal.

You can know exactly how long they spent looking at it.

You can know exactly which sections they spent the most time looking at.

You can even get a text message or email notification whenever any proposal you have submitted is looked at.

How is this possible?

Easy - proposal software has come a long way.

Just take a look at the one we’ve developed for our clients, BidEngine.

BidEngine allows you to create commercial roofing proposals in a snap using pre-saved templates.

Putting together a proposal is easy when you’re “assembling” it instead of creating it from scratch.

Once you’re ready to send it off, the decision maker will get an email with a link to view the proposal.

Because it’s a hosted proposal, you can include video, images, in-proposal chat, electronic signature, and even accept a deposit electronically.

Again - the big leap here is in keeping the proposal online instead of in print.

When your proposal is hosted online, you can monitor and track exactly who looks at it, when, and for how long.

Now you can know exactly who’s serious about moving forward or who’s not interested - before they tell you.

If they spend 1 minute skimming it or 34 minutes going into detail - you will know either way.

This is true Proposal Intelligence.

It equips you and your team with the feedback you need to followup properly.

With text message notifications, you can now make a timely call to a building owner just 5 minutes after they opened your proposal.

“Bob you won’t believe this, but I’ve actually got your proposal pulled up right now!”

The End.

I sincerely hope you found this guide valuable.

I hope it’s given you a few ideas to think about and implement in your commercial roofing sales process.

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Be Prosperous,  
Max Reznich
CEO | RoofEngine