"We need more commercial leads"

9 out of 10 times - this is the 1st idea that comes to mind when a commercial roofing contractor wants to grow his business.

Yes, more commercial roofing leads will help you grow and make more money.

But not so fast...

Let's slow down, zoom out, and get some perspective on the bigger picture.

Lead generation is just one piece of the puzzle.

Without a consistent flow of quality commercial roofing leads, not much else can happen.

But what happens AFTER you get a lead?

Well, typically it's the Inspection Process where you arrange a time to go out to the building and inspect the roof.

Then, we have the Proposal Process where you put your findings and recommended solutions on paper to present to the decision maker.

In order for you to sell a commercial roofing job, you will usually have to...

1. Get the lead
2. Inspect the roof
3. Submit a proposal

Where are the profit leaks in your commercial roofing business?

A commercial roofing contractor will spend 90% of his time and attention on pouring more water into the bucket and only 10% of his efforts on ensuring that his bucket doesn't leak.

All commercial roofing companies, over time, become a leaky bucket.

Your bucket may be a little leaky or very leaky.

It depends on how much thought, effort, and time you've spent analyzing your business systems and optimizing them.

If you stick with me until the end of this guide...

You will walk away with a bucket full of clarity, insight, ideas, and a list of improvements that you can make to your commercial roofing sales process.

Based on what I have seen speaking with commercial roofers on a daily basis for over 4 years...

Odds are pretty good that you are currently leaving large sums of money on the table by running your commercial roofing business with last decade's systems and technology.

Every decade brings along new advancements, improvements, breakthroughs, and disruptions.

It doesn't make much sense to keep pouring water into a bucket if it's leaking out.

With that reasoning, it doesn't make much sense to spend money on marketing when those leads are only being processed with 50% efficiency.

If you invest the time and thought plugging up the holes in your commercial roofing sales process...

You will  spend far less money on leads and marketing to get the ROI and growth you are after.

That's the beauty of efficiency.

You get more output from the same amount of input.

A 1998 Commercial Roofing Business vs 2020 Commercial Roofing Business

Change Your Perspective To Change Your Reality

Are you hand writing your estimates on printed paper templates that haven't changed since Clinton was in office?

Are you using software to send over a 1 or 2 page quote that just explains what you're going to do and how much money you need to do it?

Even when it's a $500,000 project?

Does a prospect have to ask you for references?

Are you providing a list of  references before being asked?

Are you including case studies of previous projects to allow the prospect to envision a successful outcome through the story of one of your previous clients?

Are you selling just one roofing system or letting them choose from a good, better, and best options?

No matter what your current sales process looks like...

Don't you think there's at least a little room for improvement, optimization, and fine-tuning of your strategy?

If you approach your problems as a contractor - you will just come up with the same solutions as every other contractor.

This makes for very slow progress.

Typically, the big breakthroughs in business come from looking OUTSIDE of your industry.

That's exactly what we're going to do here, together.

This will be more valuable and beneficial to you if you pretend that you're now looking at your business as a doctor or a lawyer.

To create the best commercial roofing sales process possible - you will need to wear both hats.

You will be wearing the Doctor hat to assume the role of a diagnostic specialist during the Inspection Process.

You will show your genuine desire to help and solve the building owner's pain/problem - no differently than a doctor would see to a patient.

You will need to wear the Lawyer Hat to make your case as to why the roof most certainly without any question of a doubt requires your proposed roofing system as the solution.

You're also going to want to PROVE without a shadow of a doubt why your company is the best choice for the project.

We will cover a few tactics that'll help you use hard quantifiable evidence to prove your "case".

When you combine these two roles successfully...

You will break out of the mold 99% of commercial roofers are currently stuck in.

You will be able to gain more respect from building owners.

You will decrease the time to approval.

You will position yourself as an impressive, credible, and trust worthy commercial roofing authority.

You will sell with greater speed, greater ease, and with more profit than you have been.

Let's get started...

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