What Every Roofing Company Needs To Know About Reputation Management

When you're just starting your roofing company, there's little time to monitor your online reputation.

Max Reznich

CEO, RoofEngine
What Every Roofing Company Needs To Know About Reputation Management

As an owner of a roofing company, you probably feel like you're running a marathon each day, with a million and one things to manage and worry about.

You probably feel like there's no time to stop and catch your breath, let alone "Google yourself".

But monitoring and controlling what your customers say about you online isn't something that should be difficult or hard to do.

Just 30 minutes every week can make a massive difference in your bottom line and help you dominate your local market.

Why You Need To Monitor Your Reputation

When you're just starting your roofing company, there's little time to monitor your online reputation.

More likely than not, nobody is talking about you online at that point.

But here's the thing...

As you grow and become a bigger name in your area, more customers are going to start talking about you online.

You need to control what they say and what they find.

Because Your Customers Really Care About Your Reviews

If your customers care, then you should too.

A study found that 88% of consumers read online reviews to determine the quality of local business (like your roofing company), and 72% of consumers will take action after reading a positive review.

That means you could be loosing out on huge amount of business if your online reputation isn't as great as it should be.

Where You Need To Monitor Your Reputation

There are a lot of websites where customers can leave reviews, but to keep things simple I will only focus on the main ones.

Google Search

Every once in a while, search for your business name and Google.

Look at each link that pops up on the home page, and check for reviews.

Tip: Set up a Google Alert for your business name to be notified each time someone publishes anything online with your name in it. This will keep you in the loop without any more work on your part.

Social Media Monitoring

Your customers may end up talking about you on Facebook or Twitter.

To know what they're saying, stay in the loop with Hootsuite and get notified whenever someone mentions you or your company.

Reviews Monitoring

As I mentioned above, monitoring reviews is extremely important in generating a steady flow of leads and jobs.

You can automate this ( are you seeing the pattern? ) using a tool like ReviewPush to be notified of new reviews. You can then respond to them as they come in. Which brings me to my next point...

Responding To Reviews

As a rule of thumb, you should respond to every review that you get online.


A couple reasons...

1) Most roofing companies don't respond to online reviews.

If a homeowner reads reviews about your company and sees that you're responding to each review, they get the impression that you're responsive and easy to communicate with. Immediately separating you from your competitors.

2) If someone leaves a bad review, you have a chance to defend yourself.

If you have all positive reviews and end up getting a negative review at some point, you can easily respond and explain what happened.

When a potential customer reads the reviews and your responses, they are more likely to trust you if you've responded to ALL reviews instead of just the negative one.

That's it!

Use these tips to start managing your reputation today, and stay ahead of your competitors for years to come. I guarantee you that you'll be ahead of the curve as very few roofing companies do anything when it comes to reputation management.

As always, thank you for reading.

To your success,
Max Reznich

Max Reznich

CEO, RoofEngine

Max Reznich founded RoofEngine in 2016 after growing two roofing companies with inbound marketing. His mission is to educate, inspire, and enable every roofing contractor to build the business of their dreams using proven frameworks and marketing campaigns that have worked all over the United States since 2016.

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