How To Get High-Quality Roof Replacement Leads From Bing

Bing is often overlooked - here's how you can use Bing to your advantage and get more leads.

Max Reznich

CEO, RoofEngine
How To Get High-Quality Roof Replacement Leads From Bing

Imagine this scenario...

You're walking down the street on a sunny  Saturday afternoon.

You've got a cup of Starbucks coffee in hand. Just enjoying the day

When all of a sudden...

You see a crowd of 100+ people standing in their tracks... looking up at the sky.

No one is moving. No one is talking. They're just standing there, staring up at nothing.

...what do you do?

Do you ignore them?

Do you keep walking?

Or do you join them?

Chances are good that you'd at least stop for a few seconds and see if you can spot what they're all looking at.

Humans are a tribal species. We take a lot of cues from others on a daily basis. This helps us get along, survive, and live better & more interesting lives.
This crowd scenario is a metaphor for "group think mentality".

Also known as following the herd. It's a pretty natural behavior.

We see a bunch of people doing the same thing, so we naturally assume that what they're doing has to be right.

And so we follow them, and join the heard.

Businesses do this too. We all want to keep up with our competitors and not get left behind.

Here's how it typically goes...

A few roofing contractors find something that works great at generating leads.

They start talking and eventually the word spreads quickly.

After a few years, the strategy is well known and everybody has hopped on the bandwagon.

This is exactly what happened with Google over the last decade.

It became the "go to" source for roofing leads, which makes sense since it has 82% of the search engine market. (Up from 65% just 2 years ago)

So while every roofing contractor has been setting his sights on getting to the top of Google...

A USDA Grade A Prime source of high-quality roofing leads has been completely forgotten.

While not nearly as big as Google, this source delivers much better roofing leads.

Because barely anyone pays attention to it, it's incredibly easy to dominate this source in your market.

And even better...

While getting to the top of Google may require you to sacrifice your 1st born to the Google Gods and take out a 2nd mortgage on that vacation house your wife loves so much... this source of roofing leads is super cheap.

I'm talking $25 to $50 for a roof replacement lead cheap.

So what is this magical source of dirt cheap, almost-too-qualified, got money to spend roofing leads?

Well... first of...

It's not really one source... but two sources.

I grouped them together because you reach them and they function in the same way.

I'm talking about Bing and Yahoo.

Or as I like to call them...  

The Forgotten Red-Headed Step Children of The Internet.

While Google has been getting all of the attention and taking over the world, a good amount of your ideal customers have been quietly using Yahoo and Bing.

These are the baby boomers.

1. Over the age of 55.
2. Sweet little old lady down the street.
3. Loves giving out hard candy.
4. Loves talking about the old days.

But just can't quite figure out this whole damn internet computer thing, but she understands the basics.

Her and her husband, Herbert, bought their PC from Best Buy a few years back. They took it home, set it up, and didn't bother changing any of the default settings.

And what's the point?

Internet Explorer - the browser that comes pre-installed on every PC, does the job just fine.  

And Bing, the search engine set as the default for Internet Explorer works well. Oh - and it shows you a different pretty picture every day, Google doesn't do that. So why change it?

Now whenever her or husband need to search for something (like a local roofing contractor) - they just turn on the PC, open Internet Explorer, and wont you look at that... Bing is bookmarked and just a click away....

Who needs Google?

See what I'm getting at?

So here we have it.

Two small ponds, just stocked to the brim with monster fish.

Both ponds, mostly forgotten.

All because everyone wants to fish  that really big pond.

All you've got to do is throw a few hooks in the water, and crack open a beer.

And when these fish bite, oh man do they bite.

Your average Bing/Yahoo user is older, wealthier, and a bit more old fashioned than the typical Google user.

While a Google user will research multiple roofing companies in a matter of minutes, and request quotes from them all...

In my experience, the average Bing/Yahoo user looks for "the one" roofing contractor to call.

They're less skeptical, less price focused, and overall a much better customer.

Picture your last "sweet old lady" customer that you did a roof for,  and that's your Bing user right there.

They research less.

They're easier to please, and they like you as soon as they get you on the phone.

But there is one big drawback...

Google is still the search engine king. Most people use Google.

So you're not gonna get hundreds of these Bing/Yahoo leads per month.

There's less of them to go around, but the quality is really as good as it gets.

Want to start getting some of these "sweet little old lady" leads?

Here are two ways to do it.

Option 1: The Free Way

Step 1: Tell Bing and Yahoo Exactly What Keywords You Want To Show Up For

Bing and Yahoo are pretty smart search engines - they're also pretty straight forward.

For example, let's say you want to rank for "Orlando roofing contractor".

To get Bing and Yahoo to rank you for that, simply use it as many times as possible (within reason) on your website.

Include it in your domain name. Include it in the title of your website. Include it in your H1 and H2 tags.

Step 2: Make sure that each page targets just 1 specific keyword. Keep things focused. Don't mix.

If you want to rank for "Orlando roof replacement", then create a page that looks like and add 500+ words of unique content.

That page should have just 1 headline with your keywords in it.

Something like "What To Look For In An Orlando Roof Replacement Contractor"

Make sure you use "Orlando roof replacement" exactly as it's written 2 to 3 times in that content.

Step 3: Get links pointing back to your site with "Orlando roof replacement" in the link.

This is a whole 'nother topic in itself, so here's 17 different places to get links so you can rank higher:

Option 2: The Paid Way

In addition to ranking your website for free, I also recommend paying to get to the top of Bing and Yahoo.

You can kill 2 birds with 1 stone by running a Bing Ads campaign.

The neat thing is, Bing and Yahoo are both owned by Microsoft.

So you only need 1 Bing Ads campaign to show up #1 on both search engines.

Since there's less competition on Bing Ads than Google Adwords, you're going to be spending way less money.

Up to 60% less.

If you already have a Google Adwords account, you can Import it into Bing Ads in under 2 minutes.

Plug in your credit card, and you're done.

If you're starting from scratch, you'll need to go to and create a new account.

Just follow the on-screen instructions and you should have your account set-up within 10 minutes.

After you have your account set up, you'll need to create your first campaign.

If this is your first time, be careful because you can waste a lot of money if you don't set it up right.

Where most people go wrong is they target keywords that are way too broad.

Keywords like "roofing company" or "roof estimate".
Don't do that. You're going to waste your money.

Instead, target very specific phrases that someone would search for when they're ready to hire a roofing contractor.

"roofing contractors near me"
"roofing contractors in [city]"
"free roof replacement estimate"
"roof replacement quote"

See the difference?

You're going to get less people clicking, but you'll get more leads and save a ton of money.

Set your maximum bid at $4.97 per keyword. If you send the traffic to a decent page, you should get 10% to 20% of your visitors converting into a lead.

So expect to pay about $25 to $50 per lead.

Note: Don't send anyone to the home page of your website. It's not designed to give them exactly what they searched for, so they will be less likely to take action and call you. Instead, send them to the most relevant page on your website based on what they searched for.

If you take action and execute both of these strategies, your roofing company will be all over Bing and Yahoo for the money-making roofing keywords.

You'll start getting phone calls coming in from people who searched for you and found your website.

It'll only take a few of these phone calls before you see just how quality these leads are.

Enjoy those leads!

Max Reznich

CEO, RoofEngine

Max Reznich founded RoofEngine in 2016 after growing two roofing companies with inbound marketing. His mission is to educate, inspire, and enable every roofing contractor to build the business of their dreams using proven frameworks and marketing campaigns that have worked all over the United States since 2016.

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